Communication Plan Is Taking Shape

Branson, MO, March 3, 2016– As part of the West Highway 76 revitalization project update from Project Manager Sabin Yanez with CFS Engineers, attendees at the study session today got a sneak peek at the initial elements of a collaborative communications plan in development.

Ann McDowell, Executive Director of Project Branson, described the origin approximately one year ago. It was a process with participation from the City of Branson, CFSE, the Branson/Lakes Area CVB and Project Branson that has contributed to this plan. Project naming, tagline, logo development and key visuals to be used by all stakeholders to spread the news about the Highway 76 revitalization project were shared.

“As our committee developed creative criteria, looked at best-in-class benchmarks from around the country, and reviewed early designs, we landed on an iconic shape that has been part of our area’s persona for many years. It is inclusive of our community’s live entertainment, natural beauty and love of country – the five-pointed star.”

The name “Branson Forward” and the initial tag line “Together We Shine” will be accompanied by a graphic star shape that includes a roadway extending into the distance. Two artistic renderings of Phase 1A of the revitalization project and initial templates showing how the creative assets might be utilized were also previewed. Final versions of these communication assets will be complete within the next few weeks. Eventually content will be available for use by all stakeholders via a website, still in development, at