Branson Gondola Project Continues to Progress

Construction may begin in 2018 on a gondola from downtown Branson west to the Butterfly Palace, according to Jeff Green, president of American Gondolas Inc. during his recent status update to city officials. The company plans to have financing in place by early fall. The design calls for 12-13 ADA accessible terminals and 400-600 gondola cars that carry 8-10 passengers each. Estimates are that the overhead transport system would be able to carry 3,000 passengers an hour each way. According to Green, the company still needs to secure easements from property owners where the terminals will be located. The cost of the project is now estimated at around $260 million to be full funded by private investors.

Source: Branson Tri-Lakes News, June 23, 2018 "Searching for Funding Gondola company president gives update on project" by John Robinson