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Gateway Concept Recommendations

Project Branson has presented a creative concept package that fulfills the shared vision, meets the agreed upon criteria, is aligned with goals for the Entertainment District and will be loved by residents and visitors alike for many years to come. The recommendation includes a guiding principle of "Ozarks Nature + Active Fun" with an overall theme of providing a "naturally playful" aesthetic throughout the revitalized Entertainment District. Two specific gateway structures have been proposed as well as a new name for the corridor. The combination of this theme and these elements will help transform Highway 76 into a relevant family vacation destination for decades to come.

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Creative Concept Research is Now Underway

Six creative concepts are being tested with Branson visitors and residents this week. Participants can use the link in this story to access the survey.

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76 Revitalization Update

Despite Challenges Commitment and Enthusiasm Remain for 76 Transformation

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Communication Plan Is Taking Shape

Branson, MO, March 3, 2016– As part of the West Highway 76 revitalization project update from Project Manager Sabin Yanez with CFS Engineers, attendees at the study session today got a sneak peek at the initial elements of a collaborative communications plan in development.

Ann McDowell, Executive Director of Project Branson, described the origin approximately one year ago. It was a process with participation from the City of Branson, CFSE, the Branson/Lakes Area CVB and Project Branson that has contributed to this plan. Project naming, tagline, logo development and key visuals to be used by all stakeholders to spread the news about the Highway 76 revitalization project were shared.

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$80 + Million Revitalization Now Underway

West Highway 76 Redesign Focuses on Attracting Visitors, Supporting Business and Encouraging New Investment along West Highway 76

One of the most iconic vacation destinations in the country since the 1960’s, Branson, Missouri, now attracts more than seven million visitors annually. In recent years, the City of Branson placed a priority on enhancing the community’s central corridor, the heart of the area’s identity and economic vitality. This five mile stretch of state highway is the focal point of tourism attractions, entertainment venues and hospitality services for the region. The transformation of West Highway 76 now underway will create a fun, memorable and unique sense of place that greatly enhances the visitor experience while enriching opportunities for new and existing businesses in the area.

The vision for the “complete street” plan is to enable safe, attractive and comfortable access for all pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transport users of all ages and ability. 

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